My remix of Eazy-E’s the muthafukkin real
with a sample from Al Jerreau’s Never explain love.


This is for your 4/20 listening pleasure. Happy Smoke Day!!


Sincere da Misfits Dragons EP drops today!!!


Produced by Borne 606, Hotep Slowsteps, and Skip Fearless

Engineered by: IMakeMaddBeats

.classic. .lil b.


Stealth Lebron 11


Stealth Lebron 11

"Wash Away" was written by Ajae Moore and produced by Borne 606

Preauxx. still sleeping..not enough.

.i think this is the most slept on track on this ep.
.its extra hard.

.don lifted. 1/16.

Sample: Breakers by Local Natives
.prod. borne606.

.sincere da misfit’s. deceptacons. prod. by borne606.